Monday, March 15, 2010

Sam & Nicole Shreeve

Last Friday my little brother Sammy married the sweetest girl ever, Nicole Selk. We are so excited to welcome her (and her family) into our family. The weather couldn't have been more perfect that day and the reception was so much fun. Here are just some pics from the fun-filled day!

The New Mr. & Mrs. Shreeve

Mom & Dad with Sam & Nicole

The cutest little bug ever!

Uncle John & Aunt Tracy who came all the way from Colorado

Sisters! Linds, Mom, Cami, & Me

Sam & Nicole with all the kiddos: Taylor, Kenna, Will, Maddie, Navy, & Kai

The Selks

The entire bridal party

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

what happens when two impulsive people get together?

About two weeks ago Cory and I started talking about replacing our old carpet with some hardwood floors and new carpet. It was one of those casual conversations with a "we'll get to it in the next couple of months" attitude. About a week later Cory and I found ourselves looking at flooring in Tempe and before we knew it, we were swiping the card and leaving with a truckfull of materials. Within 24 hours our house suddenly became a demo-zone...

We even had our neighbor Chris come over and help us take out our old dated brick completely opened up our room!

I've decided that Cory and I are both too way we were simply talking about the possibility of new floors and a few days later we are waist deep in dust and glue fumes. Luckily we have some great friends who've helped us lay the flooring in our front room but we still have our entryway, hallway, and family room to go....and did I mention we have family coming to stay with us this Friday for Sam's wedding!? Yikes...we better get on this!