Monday, August 31, 2009

The Boogie Oogie Man

This week my parents are out of town so Cory and I are watching Kenna and Kai. Since we live just down the street, we are able to sleep at our own place while we watch them. Cami, Jake, and Grandma are all at the house so once we put Kenna and Kai to bed we can just go home. This morning at 4:00 AM I got a phone call from Cami. She said that there was someone in the house walking around with a flashlight. I tried calling Jake who was asleep upstairs but his phone was off so he didn't wake up. So, I crawled out of bed and headed down there to see who it could be. As I'm walking down there I'm on the phone with Cami and she's telling me that whoever it is they are walking down the hall into her room. She's clearly freaking out (as I know I would do, too) and so I start running down the street to save her from this boogie man. I look through the windows in the house to see if I can see anyone but nothing looks out of the ordinary. So I knock on the front door really loud and fast and suddenly, a dark, short, speedy little boy runs across the front room and up the stairs. It seems that Kai woke up and decided to go exploring through the house. He had been through grandma's and all over my parent's side of the house with his little flash light. Needless to say, neither Cami nor myself were very happy with his little expedition. But we were relieved to confirm that there were no robbers or boogie men walking through the house.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure

As much as I tried to fight it, I couldn't help but become a Twilight fan. It did take me a while to read Twilight and I wasn't too impressed with the movie, but then I read New Moon and that all changed. I read it within a week whereas it took me months to finish Twilight and I am officially hooked. The only thing keeping me from reading the next one is that I know it'll be a whole year before the next film comes out and I can barely wait a few more months for New Moon. Regardless, the latest New Moon trailer came out and now I'm even more anxious to see it. I must admit I'm a little ashamed of my sudden infatuation with the books, but there's more than a handful of other people out there who are just as fond of the books as I am (if not moreso). Anyways, here's the latest trailer. Enjoy:)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well Isn't That Dandy?

A little word of advice: don't lean on a towel when you are trying to curl your eyelashes. You might just slip and end up yanking out half of the eyelashes off of your already sparse eyelid.

Friday, August 14, 2009

crapity crap crap

yesterday i was pulled over for speeding for the first time ever and got my first ticket. i was out in maricopa working on some observation hours and i was following the therapist in my car, so i assumed that she would be going the speed limit. nope. i was ticketed for going 46 in a 35 zone. let's just say i was more upset than any normal person should be, cut my day short, and headed home for some coconut crunch ice cream and a few episodes of king of the hill and the office to cheer me up. i also got cited for not having current insurance since the toyota's insurance accidentally ended up in my glove box instead of the mitsubishi insurance. luckily i can just fax a copy of that in, but i'm still pretty blue about getting the speeding ticket. look out defensive driving i come.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jolley Family Reunion

This past weekend we had our yearly Jolley Family Reunion up in Pinetop Lakeside. Cory and I headed up there Friday and came home Sunday. All in all it was a good time. It was nice to get out of the valley's heat and spend some time with the family. Good times.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weekday Trip

Cory and I decided to head up to Pinetop Tuesday night, since he didn't have work on Wednesday. We had to come back Wednesday but we're going back up tomorrow to spend the weekend up there for our Jolley Family Reunion. On the way up we got to stop at my parent's place by Hagler Creek and check it out. They've been remodeling it all summer so I was anxious to see how it's coming along. We brought Kenna and Kai with us and our little pups too. There's a creek right down from the house so Cory thought he'd try to get some fishin squeezed in. No such luck since the dogs kept playing in the water and chasing the fish away. Bummer. It was still a good trip though. Kenna and Kai even got to shoot a BB gun for the first time. Kenna actually hit the can on one of her first took me more shots than I could count.

Kenna & Kai getting a BB gun lesson from Cory

The house at the top of the property...the current project

This is the house at the bottom of the property...a future project

Monday, August 3, 2009

Called To Serve

Jake opened his call this past Saturday. He'll be serving in the Copenhagen Denmark mission and reports November 18th. I'm so proud of him! I know he'll be a great missionary! (Linds put the video of him opening his call on their blog, so check it out there)