Thursday, May 19, 2011

millions of peaches

Last weekend we decided to check out Schnepf Farm's Peach Festival out in Queen Creek. I'd never been and had always wanted to check it out. So I convinced Cory and we picked up his mom to go see what it was all about. It wasn't as amazingly fantastic as I had pictured in my head, but it was still a nice morning. We decided to try and pick some peaches but when the tractor took us to the orchard we realized it was not very stroller-friendly. So, we ended up heading back to the festival empty handed. Oh well.

The best part was definitely the petting zoo. Lucy loved all the goats and animals. I was somewhat worried one of the more feisty goats might bite her or jump up and knock her on accident, but then again I worry about EVERYTHING. So with a handful of goat pellets we headed into goat territory. Honestly, we could've just done that and left and she would've been as happy as can be. She's definitely a curious little gal and was so interested in the furry little animals around her.

On a random note, Lucy farted in the bathtub for the first time the other day. I know, Cory and I are probably the only ones who find it absolutely hilarious....but still, it was hilarious! Even more, she's done it just about every day so she must've thought it was just as funny as we did. I was sending Cory a cute tub pic of her with my phone right as she did it and this is the shot I got....

I don't see her earning a Miss Manners award anytime soon, but I'm ok with that:) 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

mothering 101 by brittney spears

Yes, Cory and I let Lucy sit on our laps as we drive from our house down to my parents or vice versa. I know, I probably shouldn't but seriously, it's only 3 houses down. Plus, she looks cute behind the wheel and she LOVES it. That's the limit of my Brittney Spears mothering techniques worries, I will not be shaving my head anytime soon.