Thursday, September 16, 2010

$25 and Under Boutique

Summer Allen in my ward is hosting a FANTASTIC boutique next weekend where everything is $25 and under. I highly recommend you go check out all the cute stuff! Be there or be square! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I finally have most of Lucy's nursery put together. The crib is up, clothes are put away, and now all we need is our little girl to complete everything. I'm glad it's all ready for her but I still have another 3 1/2 weeks until she shows up so I'll have to keep myself busy with other projects.



here's the cute letters my mom made to put above her bed

I stole the idea from my friend Amilee and made this bow board from an old picture frame, some fabric, and chicken wire

I found the vintage white lamp at a garage sale for just $'s probably one of my most favorite pieces in the room

we had this old chair in our house when we moved in and my mom got it recovered for us
Love it! And the table I bought for $'s just one of those old seventies style tables. I decided to paint and glaze it, topped it off with a goodwill vase and a cute little doily.

I absolutely love the way the nursery turned out. Cory was even sweet enough to let me put in new carpet and installed some crown molding to finish it off. Sometimes I just go and sit in there and think about how bizarre it feels to have a nursery in my home. We're both so excited for her to get here though so she can be the finishing touch on the room. Hurry and get here LucyAnn!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to the World Baby Brock!

On Sunday my little nephew Brock was born. He is such a cute little stud and we all love him! Linds says he's a great sleeper and I'm only hoping his cousin will share that traight. I have only seen his eyes once because every time I've seen him he's been asleep! He's such a sweet little guy and now I am even more anxious for my little one to get here.

Can you tell that Kenna was so EXCITED to meet her little nephew?

Baby Shower...YAY!

Last week I my baby shower. It was so much fun! I got to visit with some great friends and got lots of fun gifts! Thank you to everyone who came. Love you guys!

Mom and Kellie, doing what they do best...making GREAT food for everyone!

Grandma enjoying her diet coke and costa vida salad

Cami and Brooke, my photographers

The McElprang ladies

The Selks (and Mallory)

The Harper Gals!

Tricia and Meghan

Too many presents!

Kenna, clearly DONE watching me open presents. Haha!

Cami, pointing out just how HUGE I am