Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beware of the Dragon

Last night the school I work at was having a carnival. So we thought it'd be fun to take Kenna and Kai and Cory's sister, husband, and their kids came too. The carnival was in the back parking lot and everything was in a small area, making it feel a lot more crowded than it was. Well anyways, they had this big blow up dragon thing. It was like this big tube thing that the kids could crawl through and then at the end you went down a big slide. Kenna and Cory's nieces really wanted to go on it, so I decide that I will stay in line with them. So we stand in line for about forty five minutes for this thing and when we finally get to the front, Kenna and Cory's niece freeze up. Kylie goes right in and Kai goes right in and then it's Kenna's turn. She got to the entrance and just froze. There were tons of people behind us and kids who kept telling her "oh, it's not that scary" and she just froze. So I tried to get her to move and she said she wanted to go but then she said she was scared and blah blah blah it went on for a couple minutes. Finally, she summoned up the courage to conquer the beast and went for it. Mia couldn't muster up the gumption so she went with me to wait for them to come out. So Kylie comes down the slide and a little bit later Kai comes down but there's no Kenna. We waited and waited and the lady in charge of the thing went and unzipped the little holes to try and find her. Finally, they had to send a bigger kid inside to help her out because I guess she was scared and kind of freaking out. So they finally get her through and she slides down the slide and looks at me and says "that was so fun!". What the heck!? Yes Kenna, it sounded like you had fun seeing how you needed convincing to go in there and then someone had to come get you out. Sometimes, I really don't understand kids.

Kai conquering the rock wall

Riding on the mini train

Rocking the ring toss

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Member of the Family

Yesterday Cory and I bought a puppy. We weren't planning on it and decided to go look at these puppies just for fun and of course, we fell in love with him. He's a little yorkie and is a fun, feisty little guy. We're still deciding on a name...we're thinking Mitt or Nixon...but we still don't know.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's day. Honestly, it started out pretty crummy. Cory was having a garage sale, then his brother and his family showed up and stayed for a while, so by the time Cory got the garage sale cleaned up and was showered and ready to do anything, it was 3:30 PM. I was pretty pissed off because we had planned on going out and actually doing something together during the day...he was in charge of the day activity and I was in charge of dinner. So, after I blew off some steam and decided to just get over it, we cooked our dinner together and just relaxed. Dinner wasn't anything fancy...just roast chicken, hasselback potatoes, and a salad. But for dinner I decided to tackle creme brulee. I'd always wanted to make it so I figured it'd be a good dessert for Valentine's day. It actually turned out really well. I was pretty surprised. So we had that and strawberries with chocolate fondue while we watched "No Reservations". Probably sounds like a lame Valentine's day but it was actually perfect for us. We both were able to relax and just enjoy being together. Good times.