Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is already over. Truthfully, it never felt like Christmas to me...not even on Christmas day! Oh well, whether it felt like Christmas or not, it was still a great day. On the 23rd the Shreeve side of the family got together for a big Mexican dinner. It was oh-so-yummy! For Christmas Eve we took the simple route and ordered pizza. Then we went to see the beautiful temple lights and afterward had dessert at my parents' house with our good friends the Selks.

Christmas morning we did our own thing at our house before heading down to my parents. As you can see, Lucy was less than enthused by the whole Christmas festivities.

Oh well...we enjoyed it enough for her.

We flew Cory's parents up to Idaho to spend Christmas with his siblings that live up there, so we were able to have his brother Brett stay the night Christmas Eve and share Lucy's first Christmas with us. I think she really likes her Uncle Brett.

After we did our Christmas thing, we headed down to my parents for the highlight of my Christmas day...
Talking to that stud on the computer! It was sooooo good to talk to (and SEE) Jake! We miss him so much and I was glad that he finally was able to really see his new niece Lucy (other than in pictures). Unfortunately, she was unwilling to be in a smiley mood and instead would only give her famous Lucy furrowed brow...oh well. I think he still liked seeing her and Navy and Brock and the rest of us all the same.

Check out the cute hats Jake sent us girls from Denmark.
(I won't show you the skimpy undies he sent the boys...Dano was even so bold as to model them for us but that's a picture better left unseen)

After we talked to Jake we opened presents ---- close to 4:00 PM! I think Kenna and Kai were going a little nuts!

All in all, it was a great Christmas. We are so happy to have this little girl in our lives and cannot wait until she is old enough to understand and enjoy Christmas as much as we do. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Ria Tortilla, Tortilla Ria!

Last month my Auntie Ria came to visit us from California. We love it when our Aunt Ria comes to visit...it always feels like she never left. We always have the best time shopping and visiting and just hanging out. I know that Lucy already loves her Aunt Ria and will love her more and more as she grows up. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turkey Day

We were able to spend Thanksgiving in Rocky Point this year. My family usually goes down there for Thanksgiving but this is the first year Cory and I have been able to go. It was so much fun and was even warm enough for Cory to do some fishing and for me to spend some time reading on the beach.

Lucy was too little to enjoy it this time but I know when she gets older she is going to LOVE the beach as much as her dad and I do. We can't wait until we get a break in our schedule so we can go back again.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lucy's Blessing Day

This past Sunday we blessed our sweet little Lucy. It was stake conference weekend so we decided to do it at our house with our family. Cory's dad was in town and my dad finished up all his meetings early. It was so much fun to have everyone together to celebrate such a special day.

We had Lucy wear the same dress I was blessed in. She looked so cute with the bonnet!

With Grandma and Grandpa McElprang

With Nana and Papa

Lucy loves her Grandpa McElprang

Nana & Papa with their 3 grandkids

Kenna loves being an aunt and Lucy loves her Aunt Kenna

Four generations

She is the sweetest little girl and we absolutely love her. I cannot believe how much she grows each and every day and I just love how her little personality is developing. We love you LucyAnn!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Newborn Pics

A couple of weekends ago we had Camie Shill take Lucy's newborn pics. She was awake for most of the shoot and wasn't too happy, so it was tough to get a lot of shots, but Camie did a great job!

Lucy holding a picture of her aunt Nikki

Typical Lucy stretch

Cory is such a proud daddy

She wasn't too happy about wearing her blessing dress...so this is the best shot we got of her in it

We do have a pretty cute baby, if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had a fun-filled Halloween Eve!

Cory dressed up like a farmer and we just put Lucy in a cute tu-tu and a Halloween onesie with some leggings. She looked pretty dang cute.

This is the best picture we were able to get of the cousins. Navy and Brock were Pebbles and Bam Bam and looked oh so cute! Their mom and dad were real sports and even dressed up as Fred and Wilma.

Kenna and Kai didn't want to change out of their costumes all weekend!

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween too!