Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mexico, Easter, and some Spiritual Enlightenment

Every general conference weekend my parents head down to Mexico for a nice long weekend. This year we were fortunate enough to have time off work to join them. It was Easter weekend, but we don't have kids so the whole Easter egg hunt, decorating eggs, and whatnot just doesn't really appeal to us much...we have not problem trading that in for a little sun. The weather was wonderful and we even got to feel our very first earthquake (looking back it was cool but at the time, I was having a little spaz attack about it and the potential for tsunamis). The Vance's even came too and we all had lots of fun enjoying the beach, listening to conference, and munching on Lucas chickens. Yummm!

Cory loves going down there and exploring the tide pools just as much as the kids

He even caught his very first crab with his crab trap!

We decided to do this thing where we ride boogie boards down the sand dunes...we called it sand surfing.

Here's Kai showing off for everyone

The guys even got dressed up to go into town and watch Priesthood session...the quad was their way of not getting sandy before they left for the meeting.

Overall it was a FANTASTIC weekend and we hope to be able to go back and enjoy the beach one last time before it gets too hot.